Installing Roon Bridge on NUC as an endpoint

Instead of using a Raspberry Pi I’m using a NUC as a endpoint using Roon Bridge. I did it once and now I totally forgot the process. I downloaded the file but it is a Executeable and is not recognized in Balena Etcher to flash to my thumb drive. What am I missing?

I think you want to download ROCK
And the how-to: ROCK Install Guide

I don’t want ROCK. I just want to use the NUC as an endpoint.

You can use ROCK as an endpoint only. If you don’t want to use ROCK as an endpoint, you need to install another OS (Windows/Linux) first and install Roon Bridge.

I have windows on my NUC. I thought there was a guide but I can’t find it now.

Maybe I’m overthinking this. I just need to download the bridge on the NUC. I was thinking I had to flash. I’m losing it.

If a mod could please delete this. I’m an idiot.

You’re not!

I think it’s very cool (and useful) you can use ROCK as an endpoint without using the core - but it’s not all that intuitive!