Installing Roon Core on a New Drive, but with a catch

Roon Core Machine

Previously Innuos Zenith SE Music Server. Sent to manufacturer to upgrade from 2TB to 4 TB storage and Roon not reinstalled to serve as core for this device.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Direct Ethernet Connection to LinkSys Velop AX4200 WiFi 6 MESH Router. The InnuOS Zenith SE is present on the network.

Connected Audio Devices

USB to Chord Hugo MScaler.

Number of Tracks in Library

25,000 tracks. Save Roon Backup and locally stored music is visible and playable using InnuOS Sense 2.1.0

Description of Issue

Want to reinstall Roon Core on the new drive for the InnuOS Zenith SE, but preserving the previous data in the last backup to allow for accessing Library, rather than reconstructing it (i.e. I don’t want to install Roon Core as if there were no Roon Library and backup). Don’t know how to do this. The Roon Backups are stored on a NAS. Thank you. Help appreciated.

I believe you will need to contact Innous directly for this type of support. If I remember correctly, their servers have an Innous software overlay to the configuration preventing standard download Roon->install Roon.

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Thank you. I was able to install it without difficulty initially (with the original drive and prior to InnuOS Sense). I’m contacting InnuOS and will let you know what transpires. I love InnuOS Sense for listening, but much prefer Roon for music curation/discovery/album liner notes. I hope it will be straightforward to resolve. I backed up the music and Roon backups onto a NAS.

Innuos support has been phenomenal.

Bill Perkins

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Hi Robert_F

When I turn Roon on in InnuOS Sense and then launch Roon, I get this window, which persists for hours

I hesitate to use the Select a different Core button as I’m concerned that it will make the music files stored on the Zenith SE invisible to Roon (I have done frequent Roon backups). The music is there as I can play it using InnuOS Sense 2.1.0, but I like using Roon for a number of important things and am a lifetime subscriber. Is there a way to kick this up to Support, if you or others are unfamiliar with InnuOS Sense. The folks at Innuos are suggesting that this is a Roon issue. It installed seamlessly when I first purchased the Innuos Zenith SE, but this was before InnuOS Sense existed.

Thank you

Bill, is there an option to “Restore from Backup”, typically at the bottom of this screen?

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I have a Roon backup. When I click on select a different core button, the following opens, which gives me pause

I assume that is just informing me that a different core without stored music and without a Roon Backup will result in loss of access to previously archived music, but I’m not sure.

Thank you

I would not be afraid to push " select a different Core".
All it will do is list what it sees as your available Core options.
Nothing more.
Then you can just choose the correct Core if it is in the list.

I have this occur occasionally with my Antipodes Core…like today…after a power outage.

Doing this will at least tell you if the Innuos is recognized by Roon as a valid target Core.

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Thank you, AceRimmer. Nice to hear that this is something that worked/works for you. Encouraging. I wanted to have more information before going forward and your experience is the ticket. Also what the nice folks at Innuos recommended.

Any tips on restore from backup? I do serial Roon backups and hope that restoring to the latest backup is sufficient?

Thank you

All came off without a hitch. Roon Core restored on my Zenith SE. Thank both of you for your help/experience. Innuos support provided a very detailed map of how to do this. Wonderful customer service at Innuos.

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