Installing Roon core on a new PC

good morning , i subscribe membership on 9 march on my old pc. now must restore my roon on new pc. i have backup but not of my core software . how to rescue or restore roon core software?
best regards

Is your old core working? If it is you can still back up your core. If it isn’t then start again.

This KB article will help you move over to your new PC. Your current backup will be OK to restore on that. You don’t need to backup core software.

i don’t understand how rescue roon core software. i have databse backup but cant rescue because miss core software.someone can help me?best regards

There is no rescue Roon software, you don’t need any. On your new PC, install Roon - see here. (Probably the same way you installed Roon on your old pc). Start that and point it at your backup as described in the link I provided above, and you’re good to go.

I may be misunderstanding your problem so it may help if you describe in more detail just what you have tried so far, and what problems you have had.

You might be asked to point to your new Core and to deauthorize the old Core.

Do so. As long as you have a Roon produced backup, you can’t do any permanent damage.

You did use Roon to backup the Roon database, right?