Installing Roon on a Innous Liv Zen (Vortexbox)

I’m trying to run Roon on an older Innous called Liv Zen basically a Vortexbox but think I may have downloaded the wrong software package from Roon perhaps Ineeded Roon server?

Please help.

Hi, if I have looked at the right product, the Liv Zen is quite elderly in computer terms. It is both under powered and if what I have read is correct only has 2gb RAM so will not run Roon particularly well. Also I think it needs to be 64bit and I don’t know if the Liv Zen is. I would be inclined to contact Innuos and see if they can assist as this may also require dependencies on their software. It may well run, but it’ll struggle during the initial analysis and you won’t be able to do much in the way of DSP or convolution.

I’ve installed Roon server on a couple of home built 64 bit Vortexboxes.
It’s a great solution if your hardware is suitable. Vortexbox gives you ripping, local storage and backup and then Roon has a much nicer player interface than LMS plus you get all the multi room and dsp facilities of Roon. If your hardware is too old (eg 32 bit) or does not have enough ram then an upgrade to a 64 bit mini-itx motherboard or more ram may be desirable first. I would also ensure that you Vortexbox software is up to date too.

Roon Server on Vortexbox.
The only dependency missing to install Roon is cifs-util so you need to run this before installing Roon:
dnf -y install cifs-utils
Then as per
curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

Hi @Tara_OSullivan — Thank you for the post!

We’re always happy to help, and we regularly work with with our partners to resolve issues for customers right here on the Community Site.

Innous, however, has requested that we send any Roon + Innous questions back to their support team, so I think that’s a good first step here if you haven’t done that yet.

Please let us know if you have any other questions we can help with!