Installing Roon on vortexbox 2.4

Hi Guy’s,

Just wondering if you could help me install Roon on my vortexbox 2.4 (Fedora release23).
I’ve downloaded Roon Linux onto a USB stick and then pressed start upgrade on my vortexbox and reboot, nothing.
Just wondering if your able to remotely install? Not sure if I’m installing it the right way.
Help needed?


This should help.

The only dependency missing to install Roon is cifs-util so you need to run this before installing Roon:

dnf -y install cifs-utils

Then as per

$ curl -O
$ chmod +x
$ sudo ./

Do I install this on a USB stick?

Once I’d installed 2.4, I installed these instructions through Putty.

…directly to the Vortexbox.

Would you be able to help me install remotely? When you have time.


Hi Arthur,

I’m afraid I’ve never used Team Viewer etc so I’d be apprehensive about doing this. I.dont mind messing up my own gear but I’d be mortified if I messed up yours,If it is an official Vortexbox I would contact Agillis who is on this forum. If you are UK Vortexbox will update your Vortexbox with Roon software, if it was bought from them. Otherwise use the Vortexbox forum… you can get help there. if you have a Windows device use Putty to access your Vortexbox through SSH or an IPad with Web SSH. Once in enter the commands line by line, including the Roon install actions. I’m a Noob and I managed it OK.if I have time over the next couple of days I’ll PM you with a more specific set of instructions, if you wish.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for silly questions:
Do I log into my Vortexbox with keyboard as this is headless and attach monitor in order to do this?


Hi Arthur,

You can use a keyboard or you can SSH into it using Putty or Web SSH on iPad. When you get in and put in the user and password, usually root followed by Vortexbox, then copy and paste the commands in line by line.

Hi Easysqueezy,

Finally got Roon installed on my Vortexbox. Works like a treat!
Thanks for your help!



Great to hear and glad I could help.Enjoy the music!