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I have recently installed a Nucleus into my system that was previously running a Roon Core through a Windows 10 PC. The new system is working fine.

However, I want to install a Roon remote through the previously used windows 10 PC and have my library displayed on a flat screen-as previously connected (Roon core deleted).

I would have to options for nucleus control (iPad-existing configuration) and (control through PC connected to same network.)

How do I accomplish this task?

I would reinstall the full Roon version. If you ever need it, you can deauthorize your Nucleus and authorize your PC core. I do this frequently with my laptop for travel.

already deleted roon from PC. Would a simple core install work?

The full version, not a server version. Then, you can backup and restore from your Nucleus to sync them up. I’m not sure, but I think you will temporarily have to authorize your PC and unauthorize your Nucleus as part of the install process.

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thanks-tried and true? Thank you for your time! Happy holidays.


Hi @Clarence_Butler,

Glad you’re sorted now, but thought I’d add a comment for future readers … that there was no need to remove / uninstall Roon from the PC.

All that is needed is, on the PC go into Roon’s settings menu select disconnect from core, and then connect it to the Roon Core running on your Nucleus. The Roon app on the PC will now function as remote.

PS I assume, you migrated any edits, play counts and playlists by restoring a recent Roon database backup.

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