Installing Roon ROCK without monitor?

I am wondering whether anyone has installed ROCK using a CPU without an integrated graphics card (i.e. Ryzen 6 3600) on something like an asrock Deskmini, which does not have a slot for a graphics card. The Ryzen 5 3600 posts about the same geekbench scores as an i7 8700, but costs around half.
It seems to me it should be possible if one knows which keystrokes need to be pressed at which time during installation.

AFAIK it’s not possible (BIOS halts when no graphics adapter is detected). Also CPUs (without graphics) aren’t supported on the DeskMini only APUs (with graphics) are.

Thanks, so this would probably make a Deskmini A310 with an i5 8600 the sweetspot for a powerful MOCK? I am using an A310 with a G5600 at this time.

That is something you have to decide based on your use case. The differences in single core performance between these two (Pentium Gold G5600 vs Core i5-8600) seems to be neglectable to me.

Thanks, you’re right. As long as ROCK is not optimized for multi core, there’s no point in upgrading the CPU