Installing Roon with a GUI and get the Roon Remote to control it?


I installed Roon Server on my mac mini which is used as music station.

I’d like to control the mac mini from my window labtop but Window roon is not working.
How do I do this?

And another question please , I installed Roon Server on mac but there is a GUI on mac, is it possible to install Roon core only on mac and make it act like daemon process without at GUI?


@DAEGUN_Park Have a look at this post the SW you are looking for is available from the links under OSX.



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Thanks @Ratbert. I appreciate it.

@DAEGUN_Park A pleasure, make sure you set Roon to run at startup (right click)


AnyWay I can’t launch Roon Program on window machine . After banner shows up it is gone
No Process No Log Where can i inspect? I am using Window 8.1

Can you not see Roon in the system tray? If you are running the headless server then you won’t see roon just the roon icon in the system tray

As Ratbert noted, you should see a Roon icon in the system tray. You can right click on the icon to auto start it. Task Manager should also show two Roon processes.

If RoonServer isn’t auto starting you can drag a shortcut to the desktop from the Roon Folder and manually start it.

@Ratbert @andybob Oh I am running Roon headless Server on mac mini. it’s fine but i installed roon window version to use as remote client on my window lab top but this is not working… there is some error logs when i start roon on window lab top.


Hi @DAEGUN_Park,

Have a read of these common issues relating to Roon Remotes and see if that helps. Can you also provide some details about your lap top: make and model, processor type and speed, RAM and graphics device ? Details about the network connection between the Remote and the Core would also assist.

Let’s also drop a flag for @vova and @danny to investigate further.


@andybob Thanks for link but i don’t think i got luck. My installation of window lab top didn’t launch at all
After Roon Banner was shown up and Roon Process was gone. I looked into the Roon Log
and i found some information why roon process is not working. log says there is exception during running up roon process below

-[ BROOSCRIPT EXCEPTION ]-------------------------------------------

Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at C:\sooloos\sooloos\Client\ui\profiles.broo:6 [4d76e3:0e0f] global script

–[ INNER EXCEPTION ]------------------------------------------------
Inner Exception Source: Broo.Runtime
Inner Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException
Inner Exception Target Site: Equation.GetValue
Inner Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Inner Exception Data: none

I hope developer of roon will investigate this error sooner or later. I am afraid i can’t attach full log text.

My enviroment is Windows 8.1 Korean 64bit with 8 G Memory and Intel HD Graphics.


Hey @DAEGUN_Park ,

Sorry you’re having issues getting Roon up and running! I’ve looked into your error and it seems like your installation of Roon has gotten into a bad state. The first thing I’d like you to try is just completely uninstalling Roon and then reinstalling. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to investigate further.

Hi @Brian2

Reinstalling is not working. please tell me what i have to do for investigation further.