Installing two Roon versions at the same time

is it possible to install two instances of Roon, namely version 1.8 (legacy) and the current version 2, on one server at the same time?
Of course, only one version would be in use at a time. Version 1.8 would be intended as a backup solution in case the internet goes down again. I would start it occasionally so that Roonlabs can check the licence and, of course, to update the library.
I would primarily use Roon 2. Is it technically possible at all, i.e. can each Roon version select and assign the library responsible for it?
At the moment I only have Roon 1.8 (Legacy) installed on my Synology NAS. If I now install Roon 2, can I specify my own storage paths or will the 1.8 library be automatically converted and overwritten during installation?

The database formats of 1.8 and 2.0 have become incompatible a long time ago, so you won’t be able to load the 2.0 library with 1.8.

I don’t know about using different installation paths and keeping the libraries separate on one machine. A VM can definitely do it (but it’s unsupported)

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I know about the different database formats, that’s why I asked here before I destroy my existing installation. Maybe @crieke knows if I can select other folders for database and cache in a fresh Roon 2.x installation, so that my 1.8 installation survives undamaged?

Switching from one server to another requires an Internet connection. If the Internet already is down and you have no backup network connection, then you will not be able to make the switch.



Cellphone hotspot

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If your server software supports docker then possibly if you can find a legacy docker anywhere

Another way would be to install a couple of vm’s