Instrumentals Only Option in Shuffle Play / Roon Radio

Hi Roon folks, I was wondering if you have considered an option for instrumentals only for Shuffle Play / Roon Radio mode.

I listen while I work and often I find that songs with words are distracting (i.e. more distracting than what’s going on around me which is why I listen to music in the first place).

Is this something you think can be implemented? I realize that it may be difficult to detect if a song has singing in it; however, I think a simple way (but maybe not super accurate) would be to omit any songs that have lyrics associated with them in Roon. I know that not all songs with singing will have lyrics attached to them but it’s a start.

Would you consider adding this, even just as a buggy beta option? It would help me and probably others a lot!


No need for roon to add an option as it is already there. You can eliminate all tracks that roon thinks have lyrics using Focus with Tracks. One of the options under Other is Lyrics. You can select those without lyrics, of course, by selecting Lyrics and then negating it. What I found, though when I tried that, is that it will eliminate quite a few instrumental versions of songs that have lyrics and there are a fair number of songs that I know have vocals that are not eliminated.

Yeah, as you point out, this method isn’t very effective in eliminating the lyrical songs. The 2nd song in to my experiment was a full-on sung song with many more after that. Also this solution doesn’t work, at least for me, with Tidal.

So, Roon folks, do you have a magic lyric singing voice detector you can implement into your software for people in our situation? With speech-to-text technology I can see that this would be at-least possible from a conceptual standpoint.

An update here, I’ve found that some instrumentals I’ve been listening to lately are showing lyrics for some reason. Not sure why but it just shows that the “omit songs with lyrics” rule method is not very accurate.

I’m pretty sure that the lyrics symbol just means that there is a file with the lyrics available, not that there is singing. I don’t know that it was ever meant to convey anything else.

Well in this case I was listening to a John McLaughlin song (Dark Prince) that most definitely does not have lyrics. The lyrics presented (in Tidal) are actually for a Kris Kristofferson song “Living Legend”. Clearly an error in metadata, but my point is that this method of filtering out lyrical pieces isn’t very accurate.