Integrate Deezer streaming service

I voted for it on the Deezer platform, too.

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Input from the Deezer side: [](Community manager on Roon integration)


Unfortunately it looks like, that roon labs does not has any interest to integrate Deezer.
What a pity I am really disappointed of roon labs :frowning:

I assume that Tidal and Qobuz paying something (money or resources) to roon labs, and probably Deezer is not willing to pay as better and stronger player on the streaming market than Tidal or Qobuz.

Would be interesting how much Tidal and Qobuz is paying to be integrated into roon labs?

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What is your assumption based on? They actually may be in discussions or negotiations. You and I wouldn’t be in a position to know if they were, or were not…or what Roon’s business agreements are with Tidal or Qobuz. These agreements are beneficial to all the participants.

My assumption based on the following observations:

  1. The wish to integrate Deezer into roon is first mentioned in May 2015 (nearly 5 years ago) and many roon lab users are supporting it (see the many different threads to Deezer in this forum).
  2. Nevertheless Roon Labs management never pushed this topic (see Deezer support @danny “oh wow… Deezer… totally forgot about them!”
  3. Even since Roon Labs management knows (October 2019), that Deezer would be open to discuss it, nothing happens (see
  4. In my theory it should be a big win for Roon to integrate Deezer a much more popular music streaming provider than Tidal or Qobuz.
  5. So the only reason in my eyes, why Roon Labs management is waiting that Deezer will contact them is they expect money or ressources. But this never will happen in my eyes, because Deezer has the content, Roon has only a software.

Unfortunately the result is, we will see no integration of Deezer in near future :frowning:
Hopefully I am wrong.

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The business of integrating a streaming provider is a big piece of work. It is significantly more involved than simply adding the usual API that other software uses. In that respect, prioritising one supplier over the other and doing them one at a time makes some sense. Until last year that work was being done with Qobuz. Then we have the 1.7 uplift and the move in the direction of the mobile project. Even when all of that is done we don’t know if Deezer will be front of the queue. There have been other providers put forward too. I think that sometimes we forget how young Roon actually is, and in relative terms how small it is in terms of manpower and the division of labour. I would say this. Be patient and keep pushing your agenda. Hopefully in the fullness of time we will all get what we want from Roon.

One thing though is I heard this a lot during the Qobuz build up. What does Deezer offer in terms of choice or titles you cannot get from Tidal or Qobuz? When I made direct comparisons between the two, there wasn’t as much of a bias towards one or the other as the marketing suggested. There was rap on Qobuz, there was classical and Jazz on Tidal. Both did the mainstream stuff.

Recently (and three months ago) I made a comparison and the result is that Deezer’s library is much much bigger than Tidal and Qobuz (I tried Qobuz for some months and now I’m with Tidal again). I also have a Deezer account.

My music taste is alternative pop/rock, psychedelia, singer- songwriter, folk.

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You spread FUD. We have reached out to Deezer already. It’s not as positive as Rudi makes it seem, but it’s still very early in the discussion.

I can guarantee that it will not happen in the “near future”. This type of integration takes many months at best – Qobuz took years to get through bizdev + integration.

:roll_eyes: seriously… WTF?


Pretty much none of the stuff I seek out then! :thinking:

We should cancel Deezer if they are not try to work with Roon. I will.

Thank you very much for your answer. Sometimes you have to be provocative to get answers. My comment from 8. Dec. was apparently too soft to cause a reaction :wink:

I don’t understand what you’re referring to in my statements.

But to make my statement more concrete.
When I analyze my audio consumption behavior,
(1) 60% of the time music runs in the background, I use Deezer Flow or Deezer Mixes. It’s easy to use and it fits my taste very well. “Roon Radio” can’t keep up with that. Neither from the selection made nor from the user-friendliness that Deezer offers with Deezer Flow - just start without thinking. Or with Deezer Mixe I roughly choose the music style and it plays.
(2) In 35% of the time I listen to audio books from my NAS. For this I still use Squeezebox / LMS. Because I find my way much faster than in Roon. Additionally Deezer offers more and more audio books.
(3) in 5% of the time (on 1 to 2 days per month), when I actively listen to music and browse my old “treasures” I use Roon. Then I love Roon because of the additional information about albums and artists.

In short, Roon is the one I can do without the most. I do not want to miss Deezer and not yet Squeezebox / LMS. So in the end for me it is the audio content not the software Roon.

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I suspect your use case will never be satisfied, even after Deezer integration. You seem to want Roon to mimic another providers functionality, which Roon doesn’t do. So instead of Flow you’ll have Roon Radio. And as Roon is “Music first” software I don’t know how well audio books can integrate into Roon. One thing is certain. I doubt things will get done faster by you being provocative. I suspect you do that for your own pleasure!:joy:

When I read your statements I simply don’t understand what (in your language: WTF) you want from Roon?
You have already audio nirvana from Deezer.
Be happy and enjoy life.


I voted for it, too.
Now 151 votes.


I do hope you can work it out - adding another streaming service option would make Roon an even better experience.

Please let us know if there’s anything we community members can do (or not do) to help the effort along.


Just use Deezer then I reckon. I very much doubt audio books would be integrated and flow as others have said would be replaced by radio.

+1 for deezer on Roon.

How long will it take, it should be on the priority list.

Deezer is much better experience then qobuz or tidal imo.

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Not sure how the experience is much different if they are all hosted in Roon?

It isn’t if it is all presented through the Roon interface. But people have their favourites and will always champion them. I’m lucky because I’ve almost always been Tidal but it must be frustrating.