Integrate Dirac Desktop With roon on Windows

Hi, I just changed my Linux roon server to windows so I can use Dirac.

Now the fun part! How do get this to work?
I heard something about setting up a virtual soundcard that roon sends it output to. Then dirac reads from the soundcard do its stuff and send it out to the USB port.

Does it sound right?

If you have Dirac processor on your PC you can just select Dirac as a normal WASAPI output device

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I think it is quiet easy. I just have a problem with the installation.
The Dirac virtual soundcard is not created.


You need to make sure Dirac is actually running.

if it’s not running it’ll show like this:


Once Dirac is started it’s fine:


I’m not sure yours is blue though. Make sure you’ve got the most up to date version Downloads - Dirac

(Scroll down to ‘Dirac Live Processor’)

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Hi, it’s me again :wink:

I never got it to work. But I have some time off and will give it another shoot.

Roon is working, I can play a track, but it sounds weird. It’s like echo on voices and not much bass.

I have asked the same question on audiosciencereview. In the post I have added pictures of the configuration. (Dirac Live standalone for PC running Roon server | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum)