Integrated Amp/Streamer to replace USB DAC and AVR

I currently use an Intel NUC exclusively as the Roon core device connected via wifi to a QNAP NAS device. I’m looking to replace my Teac UD501 USB DAC and Denon AVR with a single box - integrated amp or network streamer/amp combo. I suppose two boxes (DAC/streamer + amp) could work and would open up more options, but really like the idea of one…

Other considerations:
DAC/Streamer must have at least DSD128 processing capability for my ripped SACDs
I don’t need multichannel, but something with HDMI ARC or av capability would be nice to integrate my Oppo BDP-103 and TV
A phono stage for my Rega RP3 turntable would be a nice plus

For some time I was under the impression that USB-asynchronous was the gold standard in computer audio, but is it correct that an ethernet or even wireless connection to a “Roon Ready” streaming device can be as good or better?

Solutions I’ve come across: $6000 async-USB option, HDMI in and out (for Oppo BDP103), is there something less expensive that checks all these boxes? $3200 only HDMI ARC

probably others around too but im not aware of them of the top of my head

I personally use a RPi with IQAudIO Digiamp hats and Ropieee which is a little DIY but very affordable and works great.

You can do everything you want by staying in the Teac ecosystem. You don’t mention budget but you have one and two box solutions that will do most of what you want to do.


There are other combos that could do this too, like Mytek and the like. You can get around limiting factors like wired only using Wireless access points and the like. And you can always look at Roon Ready one box solutions from people like Naim. The thing that will really shrink your options would be the HDMI/multichannel thing. I’d go with a separate solution for that based on a micro PC running Windows which should be cheap.