Integrated amplifiers + Roon


I’m in the market for a new integrated amplifier and I’m wondering if anyone knows, if there are any available now that are Roon Ready ?. And if not, any examples of ones that will be available in the near future ?. I’m looking at a Devialet 120 but all forums show this is very unlikely.


Given that the manufacturers have only had the Roon SDK for several months and factoring in how long it takes to produce a new product, I’d be surprised if you see a lot of variety anytime before this fall. I know it sucks, like you, I too am waiting to see what comes out and just keep plugging along with what I had. But given the issues with the Dev, I decided not to get one unless they fix several issues; the problems with AIR being the leading issue.

Yes, it seems it needs to be that way unfortunately. In regards to the Dev, I think it’s sound quality is just so far ahead of many amplifiers of a similar price, so perhaps I’ll just go down the route of just adding a Roon endpoint in addition, and lose the dream of a single box :smile:


I hear you. But, given that AIR by itself has issues the company isn’t seeming to address and the price point that a Dev sits at; well, it makes it a hard sell. I couldn’t spend that money just to have basic functionality an issue. Others have suggested if I go the Dev route, attempt to have a in home demo to see if there are network issues in my home.

Well, at least using Ethernet, Roon + Air works quite well for me with my Devialet 400. SQ is great and I haven’t had a single hiccup. I am using Exclusive mode and Air is set to bit perfect.

For AIR over ethernet, doesn’t the Devialet + streamer (such as mac mini or Roon endpoint) both need static IP’s on another subnet from your main network?. If so, then your controller (and whatever is storing your music, such as a NAS) also needs to be on the same subnet. So it seems a little hassle to me with that approach unless you have your music locally on the endpoint. If you’re using a NAS, then no other devices on the main subnet will be able to use it.

I guess these devices can still get internet access, by using the same gateway (IP of router) as the rest of the network ?

The Devialet is using DHCP. My library is on a USB HDD local to the Roon server PC. Everything is on the same network and, again, I do not have any problems. I had issues with Wifi, where I could not stream more than 24/96.

Why would they need to be on a different subnet?

Hmm, that’s what I read over on the devialet chat forums. So it’s a bit odd. But perhaps that was to further isolate the streamer and Devialet, and isn’t a requirement. However, on the support site is states that " Note that you must configure the AIR input to a fixed-address (the address is not critical)".

Cool. I always put network resources as static IPs.