Integrating a "foreign" file into an album

Roon 1.8, up to date.

I have in my library a digitized CD, whose first track could not be read. So I have digitized it from another source, recording what comes through the sound card. I have placed the flac file in the same folder as the others from the same CD.

Roon recognizes the file but refuses to treat it as a member of the same album. It either creates an album for the only single track, ignoring the rest, or makes an album for the rest if I take the “exotic” file from the folder. I tried to overcome the difficulty by adapting the metadata in the single file, without success.

Is there a way to explain Roon that this file belongs to the same album?

Let Roon make the two albums, and then, in the Album browser select them both (right-click on each). Got to the “3 dots” menu at the top of the screen, select Edit, and then click the “Merge Albums” button.

Thanks for your hint.

Actually, as soon as the single file is somewhere in the music directory, Roon recognizes it quite correctly but ignores the “other” album with the rest of the files. So I cannot select both albums.

I did erase all contents in the ID3 tags, without any effect. The information used by Roon to identify the track is hidden to me.

Odd that you can’t see both “albums” at once. When did you erase all the content in the ID3 tags? Before or after you looked for both albums?

I think that the first step to do would be to restore the ID3 metadata in all the tracks. If that doesn’t make the two “albums” show up, then temporarily move the album folder out of the Roon Watched folder to another storage location.

Then go to Settings > Library > Library maintenance and click the Clean up library button. On that screen check the Clean up deleted files and click the Clean up library button here.

Now move the album folder back into Roon’s Watched folder, and see what Roon makes of it. Ideally, it should see the complete album, but if it creates two albums, then go to Roon’s Merge album function. Good luck.

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After, of course, as last resort. I will take the time to look at it a bit later, for the moment, I thank you for your extreemly rapid support!

Hey @Reto_Hadorn,

It looks like all the while you were helped by @Geoff_Coupe, a prized member of our community. I’m sorry that we took this long to reply - we’re still catching up with all the threads that are being open in the support category.

I was wondering if you have any updates or if you still need our help?

Thanks a million @Geoff_Coupe for your priceless interventions :gem: