Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

If I’m not mistaken, the Amazon desktop app, at least on Windows, lets you add your local library files to your collection. Obviously it doesn’t have all the library maintenence features of JRiver, but might be easier to use one app for playback.

Got an email from Bezos today that Amazon Music HD is now free for all Amazon Music Unlimited users. I believe this is global. Could be a game changer in regards to other streaming services. Would still like to see ROON integration.

Absolutely, that is my wish as well. The trouble is that the Roon architecture demands a tight integration, which will never happen with Amazon and Apple, I just want Roon developers reconsider their own model, all we want is just something in the middle between the sources (Amazon/Apple) and the endpoints (which is our streamers).

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Absolutely. All Amazon and Apple want to do, is to use their ‘competitive advantage’ in music streaming, video streaming etc to SELL MORE KIT. They use music as leverage to sell more Echo’s and iPhones.

Amazon and Apple will never entertain integration with Roon. Why should they? They have no need. They want you to buy another Echo or HomePod. Any integration with Roon contradicts their business models.

Personally, I’m getting fed-up with constant requests for Apple Music & Amazon Music integration on this forum. It ain’t gonna happen! :dizzy_face:


Say no more…add to this Spotify too.


Amen. Floated an idea here on the very same: Definitive statement(s) on music service integrations with Roon?

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No kidding. I’m also tired of hearing about the ‘death knell’ of Roon/Qobuz… far too much schadenfreude and willingness to throw two great small companies - one of whom allows this type of talk on their own forum - under the bus in exchange for the tech overlords. Where did people’s loyalties go? Plus we’re talking the difference of a only few dollars a month, which is typically a pittance in comparison to the audio gear that the music is played over. Just say no to Amazon, Apple and Spotify!


We need to push Roon more and more on it and then once they do it, the posts will then stop.

If you want to push, push Apple. Push Spotify. Push Amazon. Push 'm all. Push 'm 'til you’re blue.

Roon really doesn’t need pushing here.


Not sure I agree. It’s Roon who needs to do the outreach to Apple, etc. That’s their responsibility.

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You assume they haven’t. I wouldn’t be too sure of that.

It will never happen.

It’s clear that Amazon & Apple just aren’t interested in integrating with Roon.

And why on earth would they be, when they ‘sell’ music subscriptions as a loss-leader, to shovel all the other s*** they sell?

Apple/Amazon Exec: ‘So, you’re telling us that with Roon integration, your customers can use a variety of devices to play music provided by us, and they don’t necessarily need one of our own devices?’

Roon: ‘Yes, that’s correct. It gives our customers the choice in how to listen to the music you provide, the income from which is used by yourself to effectively subsidise the profits you make on the all the other stuff you make and sell.’

Apple/Amazon Exec: ‘What a bloody-brilliant idea! Where do we sign-up?’

No you don’t. For things like return to place in scrolling yes, but for the giant corporate integration you want it’s all on the other companies. How many times does this need to be said? You may as well push for McDonald’s to go all organic - it just isn’t going to happen. So get over it and either stay and live happily with Roon/Qobuz/Tidal or look for another solution elsewhere.

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The point is, if Apple doesn’t even know what Roon is, it’s Roon’s job to market and outreach to them. Even present a pitch to them with sales reps, etc. We don’t have indication that Roon is doing such things.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that Apple do EVERYTHING through their app store(s). So how would that work with Roon, who would be the ONLY outside portal for Apple in their history. It doesn’t matter how much wining and dining Roon do, it just isn’t going to happen! Have you not been following the Epic/Apple court case? I’ll bet that devs at Roon know a lot more about Apple integration than any forum wishful thinkers think they do.


You’re over exaggerating how much Apple locks things. Example, you can play Apple Music through Sonos: 3 Simple Ways to Play Apple Music on Sonos [2021]

It’s not as if Apple is not open to the idea of other players being able to play AppleMusic.

Judging by the number of issues reported by the Apple users, you may loose that bet! :innocent:

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Yes, there will always be exceptions. Sonos is a major hardware player - much different than being a niche software provider. For companies like Sonos and Apple, it’s a symbiotic hardware/software coupling that can benefit both. I just don’t see that happening with Roon, who could be seen by Apple as a software competitor.

That has nothing to do what we’re talking about here.

Two points:

  1. The number of Sonos users out there is several magnitudes more than the equivalent number of Roon users - close to 10 million as opposed to around 250k Roon subscribers.

  2. Sonos does not require anything like the amount of metadata that Roon would require in order to integrate with Apple Music to provide a service of the sort it provides with Tidal and/or Qobuz. Neither does Sonos offer the comprehensive metadata driven functionality that Roon exists to provide.