Integration with Qobuz - Very confused


I am extremely confused with the way Roon is integrating Qobuz files and my own library: I am never sure whether I own the tracks that are in my library or whether they are streaming from Qobuz:

In the following example, I have done a search on “Show my Library” only:

And Roon is showing that I have two copies: one in my Library and one from Qobuz. However, when I go to play the tracks, Roon indicates that the only tracks I have are not saved on my HD, but are coming from Qobuz. I.E I cannot find the physical files associated with the tracks.

I would like to be sure whether I bought the tracks from Qobuz and I have them saved on my computer or whether I have added them to the library from Qobuz but I have not purchased the tracks.

Can someone help me to clarify this ?

Thanks a lot.


Roon will show any purchased tracks from Qobuz as being from Qobuz but these are not local as this is a direct sync from you account. The files you have downloaded and where in your library will show up as local but won’t have any link to being from Qobuz as their is no way for Roon to tell this. So you end up with your library showing two versions of the same album, one local and one on Qobuz. They are aware of this and I think are looking at a away to address it in someway.

If you select “show hidden tracks and albums” in Settings>General you should see both versions of the albums in the browser.

I’ve bought a lot of albums from Qobuz which were already in my library, and with the above switched on I saw them all as duplicates. Rather laboriously I removed all the duplicates Roon had imported from Qobuz only to see them reappear a short time later - I assume when Roon synched with my Qobuz account. At that point I switched off the “show hidden” option.

Thank you @Simon_Arnold3 and @OneHandWaving for your input.

As a new user of Roon, IMHO this does not make sense. I have now purchased this album from Jamiroquai, so Roon is showing me that I have two versions: one local and one in Qobuz.

And I think I understand why: It is because the title of the album is slightly different: The one in Qobuz has “(Remastered)” at the end of the title. The irony is that the one I bought, I downloaded it from Qobuz, so both titles should be absolutely identical!

I like the interface of Roon, because it shows at the top, with a white background, the local files, and below, with a black background, the albums that are on Qobuz. But in what I am describing above, it does not follow this rule. I am not sure it makes sense.

Anyway, at least I understand now.

Its likely a mismatch of metadata causing it from the files downloaded, Qobux metadata is not always great, had this issue with Beggars Banquet 50th Anniversary Edition I got from Qobuz. You can try and edit the match in Roon or an easier option is to group alternative versions so all you have is one version.