Intel announces new Dawson Canyon NUCs for december

Intel announces new NUCs for december (Launch Date Q4’17): The so called " Dawson Canyon" NUCs.
Most interesting is a TDP of 15 Watt.

NUC7i3DNBE Core i3-7100U Board only
NUC7i5DNBE Core i5-7300U Board only
NUC7i3DNKE Core i3-7100U Case and power
NUC7i5DNKE Core i5-7300U Case and power
NUC7i3DNHE Core i3-7100U Case and power
NUC7i5DNHE Core i5-7300U Case and power

Will you support them with ROCK in the future?

Thanks for answering

yah… I bet they’ll just work – but let’s see… we may need new power management stuff…

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I just read the NUC7i5DNHE tech. data.
Compared to the NUC7i5BNH, I don’t see much difference.
As I was going to buy a NUC7i5BNH, should I wait for the new version ?

The Optane memory option has no benefits for Roon users so if employing ROCK right now it would not be used.

It seems that Dawson Canyon NUC7i5DNHE is more expensive and has a marginally faster (but cheaper) CPU with a smaller cache. Unless I get the facts wrong, the older and cheaper NUC7i5BNH (with a more expensive CPU) is probably a better purchase.

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