Intel Compute Stick - Findings

I received an Intel Compute Stick yesterday and set it up as a Roon remote. I teamed it up with a cheap Keysonic bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo.

I connected directly to a Samsung TV - The graphical interface was of a lower definition than normal. It connected to Roon over Wifi and was usable.

I then moved it to my home office, added a Meridian Explorer to it and used it very successfully as a playback device. The artwork was pretty quick to load up (not quite as quick as my regular PC) but still very usable. The music took a little while longer to start, but songs in a playlist or queued up were instant in transition. I left it in radio mode for a couple of hours and there were no drop outs. It seemed to cope with Roon in this setup without the fan kicking in. I did install Kodi/XBMC and this did cause the fan to run. It did suffer from the minimise / restore as blank window issue.

On the weekend, I hope to plug it directly into a Meridian HD621 -> Meridian G68 - Meridian 5200s (and Samsung TV)
I will also try running it as a server!


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