Intel i3 and 4Go NAS : list of machines?

I am currently considering the option of setting roon core on a NAS.
I had a look at specs recommendations.

minimum specs seem to be :

  • intel i3 cpu,
  • 4Go ram,
  • usb 3.0 input for an external ssd drive.

it would be nice to have a list of models that have those minimum specs
… and also up to i5, 8Go for those who will use cpu & memory extensively (by having an extra large library, and/or having many simultaneous endpoints being played to, and/or having much DSP or upsampling set on playback) .

I didn’t find such a list yet, so I suggest to use this post to setup that list . :slight_smile:


Do you need a NAS for other things or only to run Roon and hold your music files?

indeed yes, but for basic things like home storage, backups and entertainment ( films, photos…) :slight_smile:
but I guess any i3 cpu NAS will do that finger in the nose :wink:

HI Jean-Claude

You might also want to include AMD processor based NAS boxes from QNAP. I use a TS-473, (AMD R-Series RX-421ND quad-core 2.1 GHz processor) which supports up to 64Gb RAM, though I find 16Gb plenty. It’s not massively expensive, and with 4 bays has plenty of scope for expansion. It runs the Roon Core responsively and with complete stability from one of the spinning disks currently. Although the NAS can host both an M2 and NVMe SSDs, which Roon recommend for responsiveness, I haven’t got around to that yet as it runs just fine as it is.

Cost wise, I suspect this NAS will come in at or below i3 and definitely below i5 prices.

Good luck finding what you’re looking for.

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