Intel i9 NUC ROCK preinstalled

I am looking at buying a more powerful NUC as my i5 struggles with DSD through HQPlayer.
i have the option to buy one with Roon Rock preinstalled as an option. Is this an advantage over just installing Roon desktop version ?. Not sure what the best option is so would appreciate some advice.


Are you trying to run both on the same box? ROCK does not allow anything else to be installed, it is locked down to Roon only.

Personally, I’d never run HQPlayer with a NUC, you need the power of a full desktop CPU, imho.

Thanks for that, that is what i wanted to know regarding Rock.

I am not sure if you’d be interested in a DIY solution, but if you are, it might be the best route to take. The thing to remember is that Intel 11th. generation CPUs and 500-series chipsets do not support legacy BIOS, which Roon ROCK currently requires. So whether you build your own or buy off the shelf, remember to stick with a 10th. generation Intel CPU and a 400-series motherboard, if you want to run ROCK.

Otherwise, you can just run Windows or Linux (desktop or server) on the current 11th. gen hardware and run Roon server application on it. That would also give you options for configuring other software and services.

Thanks very much for advice :slight_smile: