Intel NUC and PCIe Card

Running ROCK on NUC myself. Wonder if anyone has experience or know about adding PCIe card on NUC board, 7th generation to be exact. Interested to add JCAT USB card as a project.

Any advice welcome.

I’m thinking you won’t get far…

Scroll down a bit on the rock page and you’ll find this…

Now that is assuming you leave it alone and don’t try messing with the install… I’m not aware of any success stories yet.
Has anyone hacked roon rock yet?

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good point, even I can somehow install a PCIe card to the NUC board, the ROCK OS might not recognize it.

@danny is it too far fetched to add PCIe card to ROCK?

If it doesn’t require drivers it may work but I’m not sure if the pci slot is even recognized in rock.

You’ll get a similar answer. Many have asked about modifying rock. They won’t say you can’t, they will say it is not intended to be used in that way and we do not support any modifications.

true, unless I run Windows based Roon on NUC, but that’s not what I want to do. :expressionless:

What if you run linux based roon on nuc?
The JCAT USB card is supported in linux.

that is what I am doing, the Linux based Roon, but without confirmation from any side, I cannot venue out to get the ‘ingredients’ needed as card + new case, possible riser card combined is not inexpensive :slight_smile: Thanks anyway.

ROCK is prepackaged with a specific set of drivers. If you want to use different drivers, get a suitable Linux distribution that allows you to install those drivers, and install the standard Roon Linux package on top of it. I don’t use exotic drivers, but nonetheless I run a general Linux distribution (Roon Server) so that I can control various aspects of the system that would not be accessible with ROCK.