Intel NUC BIOS update suggestion for Roon ROCK documentation [suggestion taken]

Hi @mike, I set up my ROCK on an Intel NUC NUC7i5 a few days ago and the only trouble I had was updating the BIOS. I copied the latest file to a USB Flash drive as prescribed in but after a few attempts of rebooting the NUC and hitting F7 the BIOS update window refused to display. Then I recalled that the flash drive was formatted exFAT and I wondered if perhaps the BIOS had an issue booting from exFAT. So I reformatted the flash drive as FAT on my Mac, copied the same BIOS file onto it, and the BIOS update window popped up on the first try with F7 and I successfully updated the BIOS. Anyway, this may not be a snag for others but thought I’d mention it in case you want to update your documentation to mention the formatting of the flash drive for the BIOS update. Also, for folks wanting to get rid of the annoying lights on the front of the NUC, they can all be reduced or even eliminated through the Power setting tab in the Visual BIOS by reducing the various Brightness percentages. Not a hard thing to find but some folks may appreciate it if that’s included in the documentation as well.

Roon has done a fantastic job with ROCK. I love it!! And the installation/configuration docs were very well written. Thanks very much.


Thanks @DavidY – good call. I’ve updated the docs.

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