Intel NUC DC3217BY Wifi support

HI, i have installed succesfully Roon Rock on a DC3217BY NUC
There is no etherbet prt on the NUC , so i use an USB 3.0 to ethernet adapter.
I can reach the web UI but i see no WIFI option;
When i plug a wifi dongle and restart Rock , the WIFI is activated.
Seems that Rock does not recognize the NUC built in wifi.
And in the bios there is no option to activate or desactivate it.
Any idea ?
Thx in advance.
And sorry for bad english.

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for the officially supported NUCs:

We have worked with Intel to support their Intel NUC line of products. They are low power high performance easy to install units that work very nicely as a Roon Core Server. The models we support are:

Since your NUC is of an older vintage, it is unsupported, which could very well mean a driver for the onboard chipset is not included in ROCK.

Thx for the response.
Have a good week end.

This suggests there is no built in WiFi on this particular NUC. If it accepts the WiFi card via the PCIe slot like other NUC’s you need to buy that separately but I suspect it may not.

Effectively this NUC has no built in WiFi;
It’s a second hand and the person who sold it to me has probably installes a PCIe card.
Thanx again .
Best Regards,
Jean Pierre.