Intel NUC ROCK fans running high since update 254

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Intel NUC 8i5 8GB RAM

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Ever since I did the update earlier it sounds like the NUC is being hammered. It’s making more noise than when I add new music to the drive and it’s scanning them. I’ve rebooted the NUC a couple of times and have left it running but it’s audibly noisier than it was beforehand.

It might be rescanning the library. if you go to Settings/Library does it indicate such?

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. I’ve just looked and it is indeed re-scanning the library. Presumably this is something that’s happening because there’s a new OS for ROCK? I’ve not known it do rescans on normal server updates.

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Hi @norliss,

Rescanning is certainly normal. I just went through the same thing on my Nucleus but my library is quite small so it’s not an issue.

At this point, the rescanning should be long since done. Can you confirm things are back to normal for you now?


Hi @Wes

Yes, the scan completed and it’s behaving normally now. It didn’t seem to re-scan the entire library though. I think it was about 1,700 tracks. Any idea why that may have been the case?

Hi @norliss,

In my case, I have a relatively small library but it did in fact rescan it in its entirety.

You can do a force rescan under Settings>Library (screenshot below)

You may also want to verify that the storage locations under Settings>Library are properly defined.

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