Intel NUC Roon Endpoint Question

I am about to put together my NUC ROCK HDMI Endpoint and I’ve got a question. I intend to install ROCK on a NUC6CAYH NUC kit and NOT use it as the core (that’s installed on a more powerful NUC that I will use solely as the Roon Server now). The new NUC will be an HDMI multichannel endpoint. So, I believe what I need to do is just not select it as the core, even though I’m installing ROCK as the OS on it. My question is, in the new NUC ROCK’s webpage interface, under the section Roon Server Software, do I STOP the server function as well as not selecting it as the core? - or is that referring to something else?

  • john

Just found my answer by reading a few topics down. Guess you have to leave the Server function in ROCK running, even though using it as just an endpoint. However, Henry McLeod wrote in a related post, that when installing ROCK, you tell it that you want to “use it for control purposes only”. How is that done? It is the same thing as not selecting it as the core?

Your endpoint/NUC will appear as a set of possible inputs. You want the one that says “HDA Intel PCA HDMI 0”. Enable that one and you’re ready. No need “for control purposes only”

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Thanks !!!

He is correct. When I first did it I logged in to see what configuration was required. In that state it offers itself as an alternative core.

Thanks for the clarification.