Intel NUC with Fiber Card

I wonder if anyone tried installing a Fiber Optic card for Intel NUC running Roon Core software?
I know M2 slot can be modified to be used by the Fiber nic card but I was wondering if it word work with Roon Core software ( i wonder if it includes drivers for Fiber NIC Card)

there is already a NUC made by Clear Cube with Fiber card, so the question is for Roon Core if it would support it
Model of NUC with builtin Fiber Card is : DTi3722 NUC Mini PC

I doubt it since ROCK is a minimal Operating System designed solely for approved NUC variants. Most likely the kernel will not include the relevant NIC driver.

You could try … but if this doesn’t work your option is to install Linux and Roon Server.

Why you’d want to do this is moot.

As far as I know, RoonOS only has the drivers needed for the specified hardware list. So, if the Fiber Card needs specific drivers, then I would bet on no. However, nothing is stopping you from trying it out to see if it works.

At that point if it doesn’t work and if you really want it, then you can run as OS for which drivers exist.

My question is why would you want to run a fibre card? I have fibre between my NAS and the switch it connects to (20Gb/s), but that’s because I need that bandwidth for other stuff. Fibre-level bandwidth is completely unnecessary for Roon.

It’s done to prevent any electrical artifacts that might be transmitted over another kind of medium.

I run Toslink out of my RPi into my Mutec, but it’s mostly superstition.

I’m not going to go there, just saying why some people do such things…


Correct ,

My plan was to use opticalrendu ( optical enabled roon endpoint and use roon with optical cable ) connected with fiber switch in between,