Intel NUC5i7XXX

Although the Intel NUC5i7XXX isn’t on your list of compatible Intel NUC’s with Roon ROCK. Any problems?

If you have not bought one yet, buy something else such as NUC7i7DNHE.

If you already have it, try to install ROCK and let us know whether it works or not. Do not use NVMe with it.

Yes I obtained already one. But the question is why a Intel NUC5i5XXX has no problems and a NUC5i7XXX does?

I originally installed Rock on a NUC5i7RYH without any problem.
Subsequently sold it to a friend of a friend who has been using it for the past 16 months without any issues as far as I know.

I’ve been using an 5i7RYH for a month or so without any problems whatsoever.