Intel NUC7i7 + ROCK + Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

Hi there!

I’m planning to set up a Nuc 7i7 withc Roon ROCK.

My question is quite simple:
When I connect my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ via USB to the Rock-NUC, can I then use Tidal MQA in its full quality? Will Rock/Roon on the NUC be able to fully use the capabilities of the DAC+?

Or would it be better to just buy a Mac Mini?

Would be very helpful for me if someone could give me advice on that.

Thank you very much!


P.S.: Sorry for my bad English…

Hi yes Roon or Roon Rock works perfectly with the Brooklyn Dac + (I have the Brooklyn Dac without Plus)
The only thing is that Roon has not finished the DAC yet as a device (has not yet been completely recognized as a device in Roon)

He’s in the list of devices, but he’s not recognized as Brooklyn

… you mean the Mytek is somehow shown as “nameless” USB-device in the Roon output section?

No big deal, in case evrything else works fine. Especially MQA decoding.

Thank you very much for your reply!


Mytek is somehow displayed as a “nameless” USB device in the roon output part
Yes, exactly - but that will probably change soon

Could I use ROCK HDMI to pre/pro for Multi-Channel and same ROCK USB to Mytek Brooklyn for stereo? I assume HDMI is the way to plan multi-channel.

Should I connect ROCK ethernet and sMS-200 Neo Network Player (or Sonoro UltraRendu) to Mytek vs. just connecting the ROCK to Mytek over HDMI? That way ROCK is just Roon core on LAN.