Intel Optane SSD 58GB


Would 58 GB of Intel Optane SSD be enough to setup ROCK in a NUC8I7BEH?

Link for reference:

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Yes it should unless you happen to have a massive library. Just don’t pay too much above a NUC with NVMe. It is doubtful you will notice any difference.

Thank for your replay, but I don’t have a massive library, so it should do.

My Rock installation says that there is 74% of 112Gb free. This is about 27Gb used.
I have about 18k albums.


Thank you!

Clear information about the real needs for the OS Disk space.

This is categorically false. Optane is an SSD. Using it as a tiered storage cache is a BIOS/Windows-driver-only software feature. If you don’t install the Windows driver, it shows up like any other SSD. And obviously, on Linux, there is no tiered storage cache driver; it will always show as a simple SSD.

I asked the question of Roon before and that is what they told me.
But looking through the FAQ at Intel it says this:
Question:“Can I use the Intel® Optane™ memory module as a standalone boot or data drive instead of system acceleration?”
Answer:“You may use Intel® Optane™ memory as a standalone NVMe* SSD. However, we don’t support this configuration.”

So, I/we should have gone to the source in the first place to get the answer…

Have you gotten ROCK to actually work on the new NUC8… series? It doesn’t show as supported.

I still didn’t bought it, but as soon as I have done I´ll report back.