Intel's newest NUC

Unfortunately not enough for Roon Core, but maybe an endpoiint -

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Looks like the updated model of my dn3815, they make perfect endpoints as long as its got legacy boot.

Yes you can install Roon core, especially ROCK and it will work fine as long you don’t engaged PCM to DSD up-sampling.

Well, it’s less a chip than the N4200 which is in the Innous products and I read people complaining about using those for Core.

I guess everything is OK if you don’t ask to much of it.

Only 4 times the cost of a Raspberry Pi endpoint.

True, but until the issue of an RPi not being able to do multichannel audio is cracked, we haven’t got any option?

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Yes, but you can run other things on it in addtion to Roon, e.g. JShiver client (for movies :grimacing: ) or Plex, etc.

So good as a multimedia device, if that’s your thing.

I used a previous version of Zbox N3450 fanless quad core and it runs very well on Roon ROCK. It can do 16/44.1 to DSD64 with a PR of 3.6. The latest version will be N4100. PCM up-sampling will give a PR of 20+

If you want PCM to DSD256, a i7 will be a good choice. This is also a fanless one.

Yes, but an N3350 is only dual core.

Don’t know if that matters in ROCK’s case as it’s more tuned than the alternatives.

I like the i7 Zotac, although it will have an i7 price.

Yeah, a bit to the low side. So I guess any up-sampling will be a challenge. The dual core has additional 2 threads, so it some way it may helps.

I don’t think I know what that is. Surround sound? 5.1 over HDMI? My Pi seems to do stereo OK over USB.

Yes, stereo is no problem over an RPi, but multichannel 5.1 surround sound still is. And something like Berlioz’s Grande Messe des Morts almost demands it, with “its different groups of musicians scattered around the space (the massive, squarish church of St. Louis des Invalides in Paris) and operating separately”…


Check this out guys.
Silent and powerful.

They have to be kidding. One must go thru security hoops to access the site.

Can’t be bothered.


The cooling appears to be sub-optimal.