Interest check in headphone meet in Pittsburgh PA area

I was wondering if any body was interested in a local headphone meet in the Pittsburgh area?

I can bring a selection of headphones, along with some Schiit amps and DAC’s

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That’s a shame, no replies. I would have loved to do something similar in the PNW.
I have some small amps etc. I’d like to try other setups, nerd out with others whose eyes may not roll into the back of their head and glaze over.
I do miss that. :slight_smile:

I’ve had some responses on head fi.

I’ll post a link here once I’ve got it organized.

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Thanks. I’ll look there for something similar out here.
Appreciated much.

So - I have finally got a date set. The date is October 22nd and Michael Klein at Stereo Stereo has kindly offered to host.

More details can be found on the head-fi page:

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That could be very interesting and I hope I will be there that date.
Yes I live in Florida but we have a lot of work at the new Shell plant in Pittsburgh which is finally coming on stream.

That would be awesome. How does a Red Dwarf fan end up in Florida? Grew up watching that show.

Long story and hopefully will be able to tell you in person :wink:.

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Just an update of some of the things we have coming in.

DCS will have both their Bartok and the new Lina headphone amp at the meet.

Focal will have the latest generation of the Utopia headphone that is released in September.

iFi are sending their Pro DSD DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp.

Audeze are working closely with us and we will have the new MM-500 headphones.


Nice article in the latest Stereophile mag on the shop and owner.

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Update as of October 24th:

Potentially going to have the iFi Neo Stream in for the meet. We are waiting on confirmation of delivery, but we are hopeful.

Audeze are sending their CRBN Electrostatic headphones for the meet as well.

We are going to be doing this again, this time on June 10th:

Posting this in another forum category than the #uncategorized dump would probably make it more visible

I also posted in another thread on headphones. Thanks.

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