Interesting and Unrelated Radio Selections from Tidal

I have Radio turned on. The last song that I played from my library before it started is ‘Vision of Her’ by David Elias, an artist that Roon labels as “Folk” but crosses several musical landscapes. Radio played several I would say appropriate or at least not surprising selections from my library, like Springsteen, Dylan, Daniel Lanois, Mark Knopfler, etc. But from it seemed to throw into the mix things like Mozart, Beethoven and more from a more classical bent. Why is it doing that and is there a way to temporarily disable Tidal without going into settings?

Hi Richard,

The new algorithm throws up some interesting choices doesn’t it ? I quite like it’s current behaviour, but I understand it varies between users having regard to their libraries and any individual genre editing. If I want a narrower selection these days I shuffle play a particular genre.

At the moment Radio only chooses from Tidal albums that are in your library (Tidal favourites). I don’t know of any method to disable Tidal library albums generally from Radio selection.

Inarestin’. I didn’t mind it so much but it seemed strange when it went in those directions.

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