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For multidisc compilation CD albums, for example “The Decca Sound” Roon database lists every credit for everyone on every disc.

Now, if you have every disc in a big set and search by, say “composer”, it will show the set for that composer, and when you click on the set, it will only show the tracks by that composer. So far, so good.

If, however, you haven’t yet ripped every single track of the 50 CDs in “The Decca Sound” yet, Roon will still show the album for all by-credit searches, even if there are no tracks by that person in your data. If you click on say “composer=stravinsky”, and there are no Stravinsky tracks, rather saying you have no tracks by Stravinsky, it will show every track, by every composer.

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Hi @Paul_Farrar

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. My apologies for the delayed response on your report.

What you’re experiencing here is due to how credits are reported in the metadata for large boxed sets and collections. Some of these sets exhibit the full metadata bundle by collection title rather than by individual disc. We see this behavior more commonly with Classical collections and series than in popular music; though, it does happen with large ‘oldies’ sets as well.

The Decca Sound is one of the collections that handles metadata in the manner I described above. Fortunately, once you’ve added the set in its entirety everything will be righted.

I hope this helps to explain what you’re seeing. Thanks!

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