Intermittent disconnections


I have noticed lately that my RoPieee with screen is losing its connection periodically. sometimes after the screen saver/clock starts up. I touch the screen and it ‘seems’ to wake up, but when I hit play it goes to the ‘lost connection’ screen. I then have to go to another remote and hit play. then the screen comes back. just now I was watching the screen and happened to notice it go to ‘lost connection’ and then come back on it’s own. Any ideas?

this particular set-up is wired BTW

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As im away for the weekend and don’t have access to a computer this will have to wait until Monday evening unfortunately.

Regards Harry

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yep, that is understandable,. thanks for the response.


I can see indeed in the log that’s it’s rather unstable.
It complains about an unpaired core and core pairing timeouts, bobsROCK.

Is there anything changed lately in the setup?

Regards Harry

nope, nothing but the latest updates to Roon, Rock, and RoPieee.

Hmmm . Ok. Let me investigate a little bit more.

So… you’ve got one Roon server running? Or more?

Only one core running. ROCK on a NUC. Before I went to bed last night I rebooted the ROCK and the pis on the system.

Not the same, in that it doesn’t concern Ropieee, but I’ve been getting what seems to be a similar complaint on my iOS device.

For no reason at all it loses connection to the core, which is still up and seemingly unaffected, and then the iOS device stays in an ‘Initializing’ status.