Intermittent Playback Issue with Zen Stream (ref#QBRMC4)

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Describe the issue

when streaming to my Zen Stream, music will play and then stop, doesn't restart, and usually can not get it to play again, software seems locked up. Have to restart Roon and the Streamer App, sometimes restart the streamer itself. This does not happen when listening direct from my roon-core at my desk.

Describe your network setup

Roon-Core legacy on windows 7 PC, wifi to ASUS AX68U router, direct ethernet to Zen Stream, usb to Topping D50S dac, RCA to amp

Hi @Peter_Pollnow,

Thank you for the report. Does this occur with tracks of any file format, or any source (local vs. streaming)?

Please provide a timestamp of the most recent freezing event.

We’re not able to activate diagnostics for your legacy RoonServer machine, but please upload a set of logs by using this uploader and we’ll investigate.

Log files sent. File 15 continually failed so I copied/paste and had to save as unicode. Mostly I stream from Qobuz which is when I have been seeing this issue. When I play local files from my NAS, they seem to be fine (although sometimes I get a warning/fail that says files are loading slowly and it skips to the next file, this is when my core is connected on 5ghz to my router, when I switch to 2.4 ghz the problem seems to go away. Reception for both frequencies looks excellent though).
I do not know how to get a timestamp on the last failure, but I can say it was about 6:15 PM on 7-2-2024. Any other infor needed at this time?

Hi @Peter_Pollnow,

Thanks for sending over a set of logs! In the meantime, can you please test out setting up a direct ethernet connection to your primary router, and see if the same issue occurs?


Unfortunately, I cannot due to the fact that my home only has a single point ethernet connection on the main level and my Roon Core is in my main desktop computer which is in my office upstairs. What is interesting is I have no issues playing music here at my desktop, no dropouts or any problems at all. But when I stream from it to my main floor sound system b means of the Zen Stream, that is when I get the problems. I also stream to a mac-mini in the basement and have not had any problems there. Could there be an issue with the Stream, and would that issue cause the software lockups I’m seeing?

P.S. I have reached out to the IFI folks and have yet to hear back from them.

Hey @Peter_Pollnow,

Thanks for the additional report!

This could certainly be the case. What is the network setup for the Zen? Are you able to allocate network bandwidth priority to the device via your router settings?

The best next step in this cause would be to review a set of Roon Server logs around the time of the issue. Could you please take note of the date, time, and name of the track playing when the issue occurs?

From there, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader. Thank you!