Intermittent playback issues with Roon when streaming from Qobuz (ref#D12X9D)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category


Description of Issue

Roon intermittently stops playing when streaming from Qobuz and or the iPhone app won’t respond when adding new tracks or trying to play tracks (again when streaming from Qobuz)

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

Dell Optiplex Desktop i5-4590 3.3 GHz with 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD, running Windows 10 Pro, connected to my home network via Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

I stream to two NAIM units, a SuperUniti and a UnitiQute which take their inputs from ROON via Raspberry Pi 2s with HiFiBerry Digi+ boards and software, these are connected to the network via ethernet

Home Network Details

Roon server is connected to my Verizon 5G router via ethernet through a switch, then my streamers are connected to the same network via ethernet through switches and Raspbery Pi 2s with HiFiBerry DIGI+ setup as Roon bridges

Hi @zinpaw,

Thank you for the report. We’ve activated diagnostic mode for your account to capture the event in more granular detail in RoonServer log reports.

At your convenience, please log into Roon and attempt to reproduce the Qobuz playback issue, so that an automatic log report containing the failure event can reach our servers.

We’ll follow up from there. Thank you!

Hi @zinpaw,

Are you still experiencing this issue? This thread will auto-close shortly. If playback issues are recurring, please provide an approximate timestamp and we’ll investigate.