Intermittent Tidal or Qobuz login failed errors - stops playback

Hi - lately I’ve been getting these errors during playback - even of playback from my NAS. It usually continues playing after a few seconds but it’s very annoying. I don’t have any login problems using the Tidal or Qobuz apps directly or via Audirvana:

Screenshot%20of%20Roon%20(2-14-19%2C%201-41-40%20PM) Screenshot%20of%20Roon%20(2-14-19%2C%201-41-51%20PM)

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Have you tried rebooting the roon server?

Hi @Theodore_Evangelakis,

I would expect to see that message if your internet connection unexpectedly drops.
I would try rebooting your RoonServer as Ged mentioned.


I rebooted the server and it seems OK now. I had previously just exited and restarted Roon.

Thanks for the assist.

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