Intermittent Trouble Connecting to Core

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
AMD Ryzen 5 APU

Description of Issue

I’ve noticed that Roon Server will work for a while, and then I cannot connect anymore. When I look in task manager, I see Roon Server, but not Roon Appliance. After reinstalling the application only (leaving the DB intact), it works, with Roon Appliance showing up. Then a few weeks later, the same thing will happen and the cycle will repeat. What might be causing Roon Appliance to fail? Thank you.

(Please do not ask me for more details like networking details, number of tracks, etc… This is clearly not related).

Hey @waka_jawaka,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for taking the time to write in! I’m sorry to hear you’re having connection issues with your core.

After enabling diagnostics on your account, we are seeing a handful of network-related errors. Because of this, we will need your networking details. Please be specific with your setup as this is crucial information for our team to know before digging into these issues further.

If possible, please share a timestamp of when the issue occurs next. That way, our team will be able to pinpoint the exact timing of the drop in connection.

Please be sure to have Roon set as an exception with your firewall settings.

I would also check your server’s Energy Saver setting to enable “Prevent compute from sleeping automatically when the display is off.”

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Okay, it just happened again literally 30 sexonds ago. Can we consider this a timestamp? In addition, roon appliance is currently running, so I guess it’s unrelated after all.

Roonappliance.exe and raatserver.exe are set as exception rules in Bitdefender.

I changed the sleep setting to “never”, but I’m doubting this is the issue because a) roon has not recovered after I logged back onto the server or restarted and b) roon failed this past time within two hours of loggng into the machine, and the sleep setting was set to kick in at five hours.

My server has a fixed ip address, is wired to a switch, which is in turn wired to a unifi dream machine. It is on the same network as all my remote devices, which connect wirelessly to unifi ap’s. The remote devices show no signs of networking issues. I am able to log into the server through remote desktop with no issues.

Other notes: The server’s OS and display drivers are up to date.

I noticed that roonserver.exe was not included in the firewall rules so I added that manually. After a restart I can connect to roon again. However, if that was the culprit, would it not have been persistent, rather than intermittent?

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Hey @waka_jawaka,

I’m glad to hear youre back up and running! Windows updates are known to sometimes remove firewall exceptions, which could have happened in this case.

Certainly, let me know if you have additional issues in the future! This thread will auto close in 48 hours, if you run into any other issues after that time, please open a new thread.

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