Internal a storage folder on Nucleus disappeared

roon works fine. I can connect to the Nucleus server but when I go to the “Storage” folder it is empty – i.e., I cannot see any internal strorage. Also, per my roon App I now only have 4,700tracks whereas I used to have over 15,000 tracks. I believe what is missing are the tracks on the Nucleus internal storage drive that has apparently disappeared. I unplugged my Nucleus and plugged it back in, which has worked in the past, but no difference in result. Also, I rebooted my Nucleus with no results. This is the second time this has happened. Onc3 befor3 in October 2023. See topic. I tried unplugging Nucleus and plugging it back in. Worked last time, not this time.

For reference:

Here’s my setup information:

Roon Core Machine

roon Nucleus, mac mini OS Apple M2 Sonoma 14.1.2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity 1 xFi Gateway, 4 xFi Pods

Connected Audio Devices

USB Bluesound POWERNODE 2i V2 Wireless Multi-Room Streaming High-Res Amplifier (with HDMI)

Number of Tracks in Library


Problem solved. Once again Unplugged Nucleus and waited 15-20 minutes before Plugging it back in. Then, opened roon on my Mac mini 2 in OS and the 15,000 tracks reappeared. Maybe this i# a problem 5hats solved by Unplugging Nucleus for an extended period of time (15-20 minutes), or maybe it’s an IOS (iPad) problem.

Do not count your chickens. You probably have failing hardware, be it the storage SSD or the Nucleus itself.


Check the SATA cable and its connections?
(for reference, I’ve had a cable go bad on me before, though in a desktop PC, not a Nucleus or NUC)

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