Internal music storage not appearing on the nucleus web administration interface

Roon Core Machine

SBNUC11TNHI7, intel i7, crucial DDR4-3200 Sodimm 16 GB, crucial PCle 4.0 NVMe m.2 SSD 4TB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Arris surf board sb8200, Ethernet, no vpn

Connected Audio Devices

bluesound power node, arcam AVR550. both are on hdmi

Number of Tracks in Library

216 DSD tracks

Description of Issue

when on the nucleus web administration interface the option to format internal music storage does not appear. I cant figure out how to transfer the 40 gigs of music onto my 4 tb ssd inside the nuc. the option just isnt there! i even tried drag and drop into \ROCK\ → data-> storage. after rebooting the nuc the files had disappeared from the storage folder. can someone please direct me on how to put the files onto the nuc ssd?

Have you read the official Roon FAQ on the subject?

Nucleus or Rock?

If you just have one internal disk you can’t store music on it.

Is there only one SSD in your NUC with 4TB?

You should have 2, a smaller one for RoonOS and the database, and large one, like 4TB, for the music storage.
Only the latter one can be formatted and used as internal storage for music.

Note: you seem to have a NUC with ROCK installed, not a Roon Nucleus.

Using ROCK as has been said the OS M.2 drive cannot be used for storage so you need another drive. A 4tb OS drive is a total waste , you need maybe 50Gb the rest cannot be used.

An alternative is to load Windows in which case the rest of the 4Tb will be available to you but you will lose the advantage of the appliance ROCK stuff.

The storage drive I believe has to be SATA not M.2 , the M.2 drive slot is used for the OS & db and needs at worst to be 256 Gb . Did you get the drive new for the job if so you may be able to swap it .

It looks like you can get a M.2 → SATA converter , I have no experience of them

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@Mike_O_Neill - nice try, but that particular convertor won’t work, I believe. Note the bold print: “Does not work with (NVME) M.2 drives”…

An alterntive for @John_McNatt would be to purchase a second (much smaller!) NVME M.2 drive and install ROCK on that.

Then purchase an external USB housing for the existing M.2 and use this for the music storage…

I did say I had no experience :smiling_imp: It ws only in BOLD not Font 25 !! - Old Eyes

it is a nuc running rock

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So presumably you have now caught up with the fact that you missed this section in the ROCK article:

The SSD can not be used for music content.
If you want music content in this device, use another disk (see below about “internal storage”).

Don’t worry, we all make mistakes, and we can all learn from them… :slightly_smiling_face:

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