Internal RAM memory management of ROCK

How is ROCK os pre-configured regarding memory? is it fixed or dynamic? how does it handle RAM if you have above 4GB? if i look in the log files for RoonServer i can read:

01/07 18:29:17 Info: [stats] 28430mb Virtual, 3417mb Physical, 1157mb Managed, 346 Handles, 114 Threads
01/07 18:29:19 Trace: [AURALIC VEGA G1] [zoneplayer/raat] sync AURALiC VEGA_G1: realtime=143555654510979 rtt=500us offset=-12367358489us delta=-501us drift=4608us in 2171.6185s (2.122ppm, 7.640ms/hr)
01/07 18:29:21 Trace: [AURALIC VEGA G1] [Enhanced 2.8x, 16/44 QOBUZ FLAC => DSD512] [100% buf] [PLAYING @ 2:08/6:21] Blasphemous Rumours - Depeche Mode

3417mb Physical but its a computer with 32mb RAM, i totally understand why they only support there own suggested intel nuc hardware/configs, i know with the linux version you have more options to control things but i really like the idea and understand why they do that for ROCK OS. but it would be nice to have options that you could choose during setup of ROCK OS, (without any support) for us that like to fiddle around on other hardware and still be able to use roon with updates.

It’s possible the memory numbers are what Roon server uses, not machine totals.

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aha, that i did not think about, thank you… did not have that in concideration.

As I understand it Rock keeps everything it needs in memory, and doesn’t swap.

It’s also pretty memory efficient, which is why roon recommend 4G for normal libraries 8G for large libraries.

There isn’t any real benefit with Rock of having more memory then you need. From your figures it seems like you are using almost 4G - so 8G is nice to have for you.

Most of your 32G of memory will be sitting idle. Of course it doesn’t do any harm!

I should perhaps add that that there is a performance benefit to using two memory cards on the Intel NUC, so having 2x4G cards is better than having 1x8G card.

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Could you please elaborate?

Intel NUCs have a dual channel memory controller, which in theory doubles the memory bandwidth. To take advantage you need to use two (identical) memory cards.

You can read more here with some benchmark results Dual-channel vs. Single-channel, does it matter? - The NUC Blog

Roon isn’t that cpu intensive in normal running. However I did a little testing and certainly found an improvement doing the initial scan.