InternalStorage file sync

I have a ROCK on NUC SSD InternalStorage and a Synology DS1511+ DSM 6.2 on my local home network. Is it possible to use rsync to have InternalStorage folders and files in sync with Shared folders on the Synology? If so, can you help?

Joop, I use rsync to back up my digital files both locally and remotely. I am using truenas on a homebuilt NAS device but the principles are the same for Synology device I assume that is reachable via ssh.

My rsync command is as follows;

rsync -avPe 'ssh -p23' --human-readable --ignore-existing --stats local_folder_path/  username@remotehost:/remote/host/directory/location

local_folder_path/ needs to be changed to your environment
username@remotehost:/remote/host/directory/location also would need to be changed to your environment

Hopefully enough to get you started.

There are other ways to achieve this as always.

But basically rsync just needs to be able to reach both locations and you are good to go.

Same sort of approach

I use SyncBackPro to Sync between the NUC and a HDD Drive in a networked computer

\ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage\MusicLibrary - > F:/MusicLibrary

Works fine

Thank you for the answers. I already tries a lot of Synology apps but none is doing what I want.
My wish is to let - if possible - rsync on the Synology watch InternalStorage on the NUC/ROCK. Any change on the InternalStorage would then be synced to the Synology in real time. Is this possible with rsync on the Synology (without using my Mac)?

I would be interested in a similar solution, although I would like it to work the other way, i.e. my Synology NAS is the source, and I want the internal storage of my Nucleus to be a copy of it. I am currently adding/updating my files on the NAS, and then I use CarbonCopyCloner (which uses rsync) to sync the files from the NAS to the Nucleus. Is there an app for Synology that can watch a folder on the NAS for changes and then sync them to somewhere else via ssh?

BTW, the reason why I use the NAS as the source and the internal 4TB SSD of the Nucleus as a copy is that I believe that the NAS will better preserve the integrity of the files over the long term. The NAS uses very reliable HDDs in a redundant RAID configuration and has data scrubbing and file integrity features that will prevent/minimize file corruption issues that can occur on SSDs. In addition, it is easier to run formal backups on the NAS which allow you to keep multiple versions of files for retrieval if you need to go back in time to previous versions due to file corruption or errors in editing. I use Hyoerbackup on the NAS to externally attached hard drives for this.


from an rsync perspective you would just switch the directory locations below

rsync -avPe 'ssh -p23' --human-readable --ignore-existing --stats local_folder_path/  username@remotehost:/remote/host/directory/location

Just a thing I noticed , some tracks are very verbose especially in Classical eg adding Location of recording etc.

The Internal Path in my case


is tipping files over the windows 255 limit and they fail to copy !!

The NUC doesn’t seem to worry about long file names but Backing up to Windows does . I just had to fix almost a 1000 files to allow the full sync

I’m afraid I’m not a windows user so don’t know the answer to that.
However I would suggest that file names are kept as simple as possible, its the files tags that are important.

KISS I couldn’t agree more BUT tell the record labels that , sometimes they put

Performer - Composer- Composition - Movement - Venue

Plus a couple of lines from War & Peace

all in one big string , the only way find out normally is a failure on 255 :roll_eyes:

As long a the Title / Name tag is correct its almost irrelevant what the file name is , obviously Track01 etc is a bit too far