Internet free (or not really) streamer

Hello dear roonies,

I would like my listening room to be free of the possibility to navigate on the internet (mail and browser), however I want access to Roon (to groom) and Tidal. I’m thinking of a streamer who would connect to the roon core via ethernet and the dac (moon neo 340i) via usb, I would like to be able to control the streamer with an ipad pro by airplay/bluetooth/adhoc wifi
Do you know a simple (and not too expensive) solution or should I wait for 1.2 ?

raspberry pi with picoreplayer image loaded

A pi3 is on the way (to use kodi for the TV), I will look into picoreplayer instead, the TV can wait, cheers

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[SonicOrbiter] ( Roon Ready.

Picoreplayer doesn’t (yet) work with RPi3, unfortunately.