Internet Radio Adverts

I have noticed something odd, whenever I connect to my local talk radio station , the first thing I hear is an advert. I assumed I jus hit an advert but today the signal failed in the middle of the news . I reconnected and guess what I got an advert before the news resumed.

I used another internet radio source and no advert.

Is this Roon or just a facet of the source Roon is using ?

It’s Radio 702 in South Africa

We do not control those streams… if you are hearing an advert on Radio 702, it’s coming from Radio 702.


Any number of stations have set up their internet feed so it plays an advertisement before connecting to the live stream. You would get the same thing if you used the tune-in app or connected directly to the station’s stream. Some public radio stations (otherwise ad-free) play a “please contribute” message before joining the live stream.


Thanks Danny that’s what I assumed I was just asking if anyone else was getting the same effect

I tend to just listen the news and the odd talk programming , its the first time I had noticed it , jut wondering :worried: