Internet Radio doesn't work , can't add urls

I can’t use internet radio
Any of url I’d added the roon can’t add
Always says " Roon could not find a radio station at this URL"

the same url on website browser works fine under windows
ROON serwer installed on windows 8.1

Any help ?

Which URLs are you trying to add?

I’ve tried aac, mp3 , no one can be added
for example :

next :s

what kind of url must be for roon ?

Nothing works

One works fine : - maybe i should put url with network port “8954” ?

Hi @Tomasz_Naruszewicz,

This one worked okay for me. The two .ogg ones couldn’t be found. What radio stations are there? There might be alternate URLs available to stream them from.

nothing works with good quality - for example - ogg
only a few acc - poor quality radio

you should give customers a syntax of url which will be recognized by roon
most of url I’ve tried roon " could not find " - works under the windows

Hi @Tomasz_Naruszewicz,

We have some information about using internet radio in our KB.

Roon can play back stations that stream in MP3, AAC, and FLAC formats, and also supports TuneIn web page URLs

It also provides some examples of URLs that will work with Roon:

I tried a couple of the above examples you shared both in Roon and in iTunes, and unfortunately, they didn’t work for either.

The best option is to look for alternative URLs for these streams. TuneIn and this thread are great places to start looking.

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