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Hi there I wrote previously about this and the problem has recured.
roon core is a Dell i7 laptop 8G ramwith running windows 11
1G fibre connection to Asus RT- ax86u router connected to 1G switch all with cat 8 ethernet connections.
Ifi Zen stream running as bridge to Topping D90 DAC Pre 90 etc.
100 tracks in library
Internet radio stations drop out in roon only but work fine when streaming direct to Zen streamer volume control is also problematic. Everything works fine streaming Tidal.
Tried everything I could think of swapping cables and connecting direct to router etc.
As the problem only appears in roon are the any settings I should be looking for re buffer etc. in roon and help would be much appreciated.
Nick Taylor

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Nick, does Roon work well without any dropouts when playing music from your library over the Zen Stream? Are the dropouts occurring only with Roon Radio? Or are you also experiencing dropout from Roon when using Todal? Trying to isolate the scenario and where the issues occur.

Roon requires some heavier demands on your network due to how it handles latency (for grouping and synchronizing endpoints). One thing to consider is the use of Cat 5/5e/6/6a unshielded cables. Cat 8 cables are meant for extremely high-speed short-length datacenter interconnections. Cat 8 cables are shielded and require each connection to be grounded to function properly; connectors that are not grounded, examples of which are most consumer networking and computer equipment, may result in networking issues.

Is it possible to replace any/all of your cables with Cat 5 or 6 class Ethernet cables, which are not shielded and provide great performance in home and office netoworks?

Hi Roert thanks for your reply. Tidal works fine without dropouts internet radio stations in flac lossless and mp3 320 are the problem - I have done as much as I can to isolate the problem by swapping out cables and changing switches etc. Withouout luck. I have some old cat5 and 6 cables and will try them and see how I go.
Thanks again.

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