Internet Radio FLAC Stations Swap Meet

Sorry, hope this is not the wrong place to post but an update on Radio Paradise Flac. This is now available over four separate streams. Their standard original stream and additionally now streams named Rock, Groovy and Mellow. I spent a long time on Mellow today and really loved it.

Hi Greg,

Were you able to play the Radio Paradise FLAC streams through Roon ?

I normally don’t make it that long with absolute radio.

You might want to follow this

Thanks so much. I just posted to that thread


Nice selection of electronic flac streams that you have sourced! Thank you.

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I just want to say I’ve been listening to the JB Radio-2 station and am really enjoying it. So much so that I’ve almost stopped listening to Radio Paradise. It just sounds so much better! I do hope RP will eventually (soon) allow flac streaming to Roon in order to have more choices. Any other flac stations with the same style content as JB Radio? I’m almost ready to dump Tidal.

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Agree 100%! I too have stopped listening to Radio Paradise as the JB Radio stream is much better sounding. I can happily listen to JBR all day long as their programming is fantastic and a great way of finding new bands to explore.

I enjoy jb radio as well but wish they didn’t boost the bass so much. It’s sounds like a 6dB low pass filter has been added.

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Not sure what you are hearing but I don’t this it is a low pass filter. A low pass filter won’t boost anything as far as I am aware. It only attenuates at frequencies above the set point.

I don’t know about bass boost, but they are shaping the sound. They’re certainly much louder than any other stream I’ve listened to, and I’ve heard clipping a few times. I also don’t believe that they actually have 24/192 source material for everything they play. I still like listening, but don’t expect unadulterated sound. It sounds way too good for that, especially for older stuff.

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Sure, but the net is the bass is higher than all other frequencies.

They’re boosting it to an unnatural level, but hey, it’s free…for now.

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I’ve been thinking about how JB Radio 2 can use high-res, and I remembered a technique to compress high-res music quite substantially. I wonder if they are using a FLAC Entropy Optimizer? That would explain how they can use 192kHz. It’s available for commercial use.

Okay so I have reviewed and searched this entire discussion (aka thread) and please correct me if I’m wrong but there does NOT appear to be any internet radio stations/streams that stream in FLAC. Right?

They are listed in the first post.

Oops my mistake - I left out the word “jazz”. I am looking for station that play jazz and stream in FLAC. There is no indication of what type of music the stations on the list play. Does anyone know if any of these stations play jazz?


Are there any good stations for punk and ska music?

Lets keep this thread alive, any more working commercial free flac stations out there?

@brian any planned improvements in Roon for Internet Radio? It feels like its an area that can be improved a lot.

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Yeah, we’ve had a directory of radio stations in the works for a while. It will get done eventually.