Internet Radio issue: No stations play


I was contacted by Roon membership after cancelling my trial; they suggested I post for support. I can’t seem to get ANY radio stations, regardless of web address, key, etc. to play via the Roon radio integration. Everything else with Roon works flawlessly and there aren’t enough caps in AWESOME to describe it as a whole.

I don’t know what info you might need:
Lenovo Yoga 930, Intel i7 8th gen, running latest Roon build;
USB to Benchmark DAC3 DX, used alternately as pre-amp or DAC to pre-amp

Hello @Ted_Bonnema,

Can you describe the error that is shown in Roon when you attempt to play internet radio streams? Can you provide us a sample URL that you were not able to play?


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Unfortunately I cannot tell you the error message, as my trial has expired. I think it said something to the effect that no signal was found. Perhaps I found stations that are incompatible with the Roon player, or I did something incorrectly. Here are a few that I tried:

Hi @Ted_Bonnema,

I am also unable to play the stations that you listed on my end, likely because they do not contain the actual streaming link for the station and the streaming links are embedded in other applications. As mentioned on our Radio Knowledge Base Article, TuneIn will generally be your best bet for adding internet radio stations to Roon, but I am unable to find working links to these stations listed on Tunein.


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