Internet Radio Playback problem


I would like to stream KUYI FM from the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. The station’s web page is here: The address for the stream is here:

I am using a Roon ROCK that was purchased from and installed by Andrew Papanikolas, the owner of Esoteric Audio, in Phoenix, Arizona. As far as I know, it has the latest version of the Roon core installed. I am not sure how to check this. I use a Synology DS216play NAS, which probably has nothing to do with this problem. Music file playback from the NAS is flawless in both of my Roon zones.

When I play the KUYI Stream on my PC (Dell XPS 27 with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit OS) via the free version of RealPlayer, the audio stream plays normally. Roon is not installed on my PC. It is installed on the ROCK.

When I play the KUYI stream through either one of my two Roon zones, the stream sounds like it’s speeded up dramatically and is unintelligible and high pitched. It sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks speeded up. Everyone laughs, except me! The two zones consist of the dCS Rossini and the Oppo UDP-205. Both of these units have the latest firmware updates installed.

I am disappointed that I cannot play the KUYI FM stream. I love this station for it’s mix of alternative rock/pop and traditional Hopi music in the Hopi language. It is a wonderful radio station. One of the reasons that I purchased Roon was for Internet Radio playback.

I hope that you can help solve this problem.


Stan Robinson

Seems like Roon doesn’t correctly recognize the stream sample rate.

What Roon thinks:

@support maybe you could have this checked?

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Hey @Stan_Robinson,

We currently have a ticket open with our development team regarding this behavior. I cannot make any guarantees as to the timeframe in which this will be addressed, but I can promise that I will keep this thread up to date as any news becomes available here.

Thank you for sharing this report with us, the feedback is always appreciated!